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On-Demand SharePoint Support

Consovenio provides an experienced team of SharePoint specialists who will take care of your SharePoint needs from A to Z.

SharePoint Managed Services

Manage your SharePoint proactively! Our specialists will perform health checks, server performance monitoring and more to keep your site going.

SharePoint Help Desk

SharePoint Help Desk professionals will take care of your L1 and L2 requests and provide prompt and high-quality support.

Infrastructure Design & Deployment

Our Infrastructure specialists can help you create your SharePoint environment and prepare a long-term maintenance plan.

SharePoint Upgrades & Migration

Need to upgrade your SharePoint site to a newer version? We will ensure a smooth transition from start to finish.

Custom SharePoint Development

Does your SharePoint site need a special feature? Our skilled .NET developers will make your ideas come to life.

SharePoint Consulting

Ask us anything! Our consultants know SharePoint inside and out. We will find an optimal solution and help you bring your site to the next level.

Creative Design

Does your SharePoint need a makeover? With respect to your needs and corporate identity, we can prepare a new look that will make your SharePoint shine.

Information Architecture

The key to a successful SharePoint project is Information Architecture. We will make sure your site is well-organized, easy-to-use and scalable.

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