We deliver branded interfaces, custom features and fully functional enterprise solutions to align a SharePoint intranet with your specific corporate culture, organizational structure, business processes and employees’ habits.

SharePoint Intranet Redesign

To help you create an intranet with unique look-and-feel, we offer SharePoint design and redesign services. You can turn to Consovenio at different stages of your intranet lifecycle:

To brand a newly launched SharePoint

We can help you customize your out-of-the-box SharePoint with your own corporate branding to create a unique SharePoint experience and make your intranet an integral part of your corporate environment.

To redesign an outdated SharePoint intranet

Whether you want to give your outdated intranet a completely new look, customize your current intranet’s look to reflect the latest trends or you simply feel like your SharePoint intranet could use a change, we are here to give you a helping hand. We will rework your SharePoint homepages, sites and subsites, deliver custom web parts and add-ins to make your intranet stand out and regain popularity among end users.

To design particular components of a SharePoint intranet

As your intranet grows, you might find yourself in need to extend its functionalities with new features and elements. We are ready to assist you in creating new components, applying a uniform style to all components of your solution and in preserving design consistency.