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We believe that the success of any business is dependent on its people. That is why we are always willing to hire new heroes to join our team. No matter where you are located, you can become part of our fantastic team remotely. If you have a positive mindset and a proficiency for effective Microsoft-based solutions, then we have a place for you. Join our team and take the opportunity to challenge yourself in a fast-growing remote company.

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SharePoint Technical Consultant

We are looking for a SharePoint Technical Consultant who would join our team. As with most of our projects, SharePoint is what it's all about, so we're looking for a SharePoint Hero who enjoys working in a Microsoft environment and is willing to learn new things quickly.

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Hereos Perks

  1. Lifelong Learning

    We invest in our heroes by offering each of them a $1,200 yearly budget for learning and training purposes.

  2. Diversity Centric

    We promote cultural diversity and are excited to meet new heroes no matter where they are from in the world.

  3. Flexible Working

    We help to create a work-life balance for our heroes by offering them a purely remote working experience.

  4. Performance-Oriented

    We care about your results and level of motivation. For this reason, we provide performance bonus rewards to our heroes when they excel at their jobs.

Onboarding Checklist

Four Steps to Join our Remote Team.

  • Challenge Your Skills

    Don’t worry; it’s only a short online quiz to determine your level of skills and expertise.
  • Deep Dive

    Now it’s time to learn more about what we are doing by completing live tasks.
  • Probation Week

    One paid week to get work experience with the other heroes of our team.
  • Time of your Life

    Sign our work contract and officially become a member of our Microsoft Heroes.