Approval of Invoices


SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013


Custom web parts, custom approval workflows


Beverages, Construction, FMCG, Real Estate, Warehouse and Logistics


Czech Republic, Slovakia


2 MMs


Financial matters often involve complicated processes that could lead to frustrating and costly mistakes.

That's why some of our clients enlisted us to help them achieve error-free function in their invoice management and inventory systems. We've made use of our expertise in automation and digitalization to streamline and secure all of the complex procedures involved in invoice approval.


In working with each of our customers, we started out by doing some research.

That meant figuring out the exact sequence of operations they were currently using in their invoice lifecycle. Once we understood this sequence, we moved on to creating an automated version of it. The automation involved recreating the customer's processes with SharePoint workflows - and being careful to make sure that nothing was left out. (These newly digitized processes include: invoice submission, approval workflow execution, and the transfer of approved invoices into the finance department for payment.) Once the software was completed, we weren't done quite yet. In fact, we only launched the application in the client's SharePoint intranet environment after performing extensive testing. This is part of our commitment to quality - we aim to deliver a smoothly-functioning solution, and won't spare the time and effort required to achieve it.


Our application covers the entire workflow of incoming invoice processing, and offers the following additional features:

Custom web parts for organized and user-friendly UI

Dynamic web form with easy; editing options

Option to split invoices into smaller parts for processing across multiple cost centers and budget holders

Variable payment amounts, multi-level approvals

RPA for automatic conversion of scanned invoices into an editable digital version

Notification and reminder system


Consovenio's team of SharePoint developers has invested a significant amount of effort into creating and implementing the invoice approval system for our clients. We are proud to say that our design always yields a high quality application that meets all of our customers' needs. Flexible and versatile, our integration solutions provides companies with many advanced options for handling their invoices. The system also has the advantage of being durable - it has continued to function for many years without the need for major changes. This is because the payment processes are well-established in the corporate environment, and have mostly stayed the same. Despite that, we are committed to updating the software and provide professional support to accommodate new developments when they arise.