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What's the point of having excellent custom integration solutions, if they're too hard to use? Or if bugs and glitches constantly interfere with smooth operation? We firmly believe that our customers should never have to waste their precious time on troubleshooting.

Consovenio's goal is to create a highly functional error-free setup - and in the rare case that a problem crops up, quickly resolve it to avoid downtime.

Our promise: We will make sure that your SharePoint infrastructure is always perfectly operational in a smooth disruption-free work environment.

Our technical expertise is here to serve you; if your employees have questions, we are happy to assist them.


Like all software, even SharePoint sometimes needs to be updated. And we all know how that goes. Updates are meant to bring new features to users, but if not done right, they can be more painful than pleasant.

Who wants to deal with downtime, broken features, or missing data? We don't, and neither do you. Such results are completely unacceptable in our business scenario!

Our SharePoint Migration service will update your mission-critical SharePoint systems without all of the frustration. This is a truly a win-win situation; you only stand to gain, and have nothing to lose. The updates will constantly improve your software, while you and your employees can keep on doing their work without disruption.


Our team's creativity knows no bounds - we are always looking for ways to create something novel and innovative with SharePoint. Whenever new features are introduced or existing features are changed, we'll be the first to know.

So if you want help figuring out new functions, or would like some tips for streamlining your SharePoint experience, we'll be there for you. In fact, we can provide comprehensive training sessions for you and your employees.


Developed by Microsoft, SharePoint is a web-based tool that has taken the business world by storm. To say that it's popular is an understatement - SharePoint is everywhere. It has gained broad worldwide adoption due to one simple yet impressive strength - its use-case versatility that enables it to boost productivity for all kinds of different organizations that are nothing like each other. Whether you are a small company with just a couple of employees, or a global corporation with many offices across the planet, SharePoint will take your business operations to a new level of productivity and efficiency. It will make collaborating and communicating much more easy and convenient; employees will complete both routine tasks and complicated projects much quicker than before.

Are you wondering exactly how SharePoint will improve your daily operations? The possibilities are endless. You can choose to go with basic functionality like file sharing, or opt for something more sophisticated - say, a network of internal web portals that provides your employees with information and advanced applications. There is so much that SharePoint can do, and we are excited to give you all the options. We suggest that you take a bit of time to learn what we've created so far for our customers - just read the testimonials. And remember what we said at the beginning: SharePoint's strength is its versatility. It is capable of fitting any business, no matter how unique or extraordinary. Our work is customizing it to fit yours.


Because implementing it is not disruptive to your existing infrastructure. You don't have to make any drastic changes like switching to a whole new set of office software, when you decide to migrate to SharePoint - and there is no need to waste precious time on training your employees to work with new file formats. SharePoint can be integrated into your existing Microsoft Office and Outlook setup. The wonderful thing about SharePoint is that it not only integrates into your Office suite, but improves that software's functionality. So what you get is: no disruption, and new modern tools that will streamline your business processes.


As your company expands, SharePoint is going to grow with you. Even if your company acquires an international presence, there'll be no difficulties with accessing your data; SharePoint's cloud support will make it available from anywhere in the world and on a wide variety of devices - including your smartphone. Rest assured that this convenience won't come at an added risk - your connection will always be secure and private. If operating in multiple countries, your company would also face a new challenge: complying with international legislation. No need to worry about it - we can easily supply the software to help you deal with the legal requirements. Developing new tools for clients is our strong point; we're perfectly capable of customizing SharePoint's standard features to fit your exact needs.


If you decide that you want to integrate SharePoint into your business, there are three models to choose from:

The first model is On-Premises. The benefit to this choice is that it gives you complete control over everything. But there is a downside - your company must furnish all of the hardware required for SharePoint on premise operations - a potentially expensive proposition. Thus, here you must weigh the advantage of increased control against the disadvantage of higher costs.

The second model is called Online. Under this model, your company won't need to run SharePoint on site nor invest in any hardware. All SharePoint services would run on Microsoft's servers over the cloud. This solution is ideal for companies that don't want to devote their resources to creating a technically-sophisticated infrastructure. We all appreciate the brilliance and innovation that goes into technology, but not everyone wants to be a rocket scientist. That's why some organizations may choose a robust solution that doesn't require them to personally handle all of the technological complications. (Note: SharePoint Online is provided with/as a part of Office 365 and Microsoft 365.)

The last model that SharePoint can be implemented in is referred to as Hybrid. It's named that way because it's a mix of the previous two models - thus it is partly on-premise and partly online. Each of those models has its pluses and minuses, but combining them gives you the best of both worlds. The result: more flexibility and control over features than a pure online or on-premise setup would offer. Would you like to design a powerful and modern solution, suitable to your exact demands and specifications? Putting these two models together may be just what you need.