Global Directory / Phone Book


SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016


SharePoint Web Parts


Automotive, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Rail Transportation


Slovakia, Hungary, Canada, Ireland, Czech Republic, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, the UK


14 MDs


Our global corporate client wanted its employees to have an easy, convenient way to access information about their colleagues.

To help the company achieve its goal of facilitating workplace communication, we were asked to develop an advanced multi-function Intranet application for Sharepoint on premise - modern, user-friendly, and interactive. Furthermore, the company requested the implementation of a specific feature set, for its knowledge management system, that includes: searching the employee list, viewing organization charts, and working directly with data from the company's HR systems.


Our first job was to identify data sources for our application.

Since our SharePoint architects were dealing with a global corporation, they had to combine multiple HR datasets to create a complete data structure. Our work on the data structure was very productive; it allowed us to build useful features for our client. One such feature is a highly flexible photo library which gives users a wide range of data editing and viewing options. The viewing options enable employees to display their colleagues' photos in several views - for example, a classic photo album style view or an office seating map. Data editing offers these very same employees an easy way to change their information, and submit it for approval to their manager, thank to our advanced document management solutions.


We have developed a modern solution with the following features:

Interactive Employee/User address book, using SharePoint as knowledge management system

Works as a phone book

User-friendly UI

Easy searching through basic parameters (employees in a department, workplace hierarchy)

Fast search using names, phone numbers, job positions, cost centers, etc.

Organization chart rendering


Users have enthusiastically embraced our user-friendly and interactive solution, and rely on it as an essential tool for their workplace productivity and addition to SharePoint team sites. They are particularly fond of the employee photo library - this convenient feature makes it easy to identify colleagues from other departments, or those who have just been hired.