HR Management System


SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019


Custom Web parts, Custom Workflow


Information Technology


Czech Republic


2 MMs


The amount of HR-related information a company has to deal with is truly overwhelming.

To organize it digitally in a convenient and easy-to-use format is quite a challenge. But Consovenio is more than up to the task; so when a client asked us to design an all-encompassing HRM portal, our Microsoft developers created a one-stop solution, within the company's SharePoint intranet, that made HR tasks pleasant and hassle-free. If that sounds too vague, there are concrete examples. Let's say managers need to look up employee information like CVs/resumes. Then picture another scenario in which employees need to fill out their time sheets and check their schedules on the calendar. In all of these use cases, our user-friendly interface - along with a clearly organized homepage - would make the task quick and effortless. We didn't leave out anything important from the portal; incident reports, internal policies, contracts, and more were all included. The software can really cover just about everything the HR department needs to accomplish.


After delineating a list of functions our client required, we designed a system of SharePoint workflows that would carry them out. (This system included a data structure along with other components.)

Then we integrated the employees' roles and work assignments into the software. This way, the application knows exactly what each staff member should be allowed - and not allowed - to do. There is no danger of users gaining access to unauthorized information because everyone is granted certain permissions based on their individual role within the company. Beyond just assigning responsibilities, we've developed a way to enable oversight over employees' work assignments. This capability involves detecting which tasks need to be approved by higher-ups. In such cases, the approval workflow feature submits these tasks for manager review - and sends the managers a notification reminding them to make a decision. Once we were done defining the user roles within the application, we moved on to defining our application's role within the company's larger IT framework. This meant defining final integration solutions for implementing our software to ensure its seamless interoperability with other systems in the organization.


Our HRM system covers all aspects of running a company in terms of HR. Its notable features include but are not limited to:

Unified platform for all employees of a company, with a single point of contact

A set of important HR features - such as attendance, vacation requests, and time sheet management

Back-end features for HR management - employee ratings, job descriptions, candidate logs, etc.

Increased team-leader engagement in the planning processes and approval workflows

Single point of storage and archival of employee documentation (contracts and other documents) using sharepoint for document management


We set out to build a feature-rich, comprehensive HRM solution that significantly simplified our client's daily operations. We're proud to say that our finished application has been successfully deployed and adopted. As a part of our long-term commitment to the customer, we continue to make minor modifications to remain complaint with internal policies and international legislation. Our team of SharePoint consultants also remain in contact with the client to provide professional support.