SharePoint Training

Our training programs are designed for all positions within the SharePoint environment. They will help you take advantage of one of the software's most useful features: the ability to assign some of your employees various responsibilities - including, but not limited to, managing SharePoint content and collaboration settings.

We will train your staff so that they feel comfortable and proficient in their administrative roles. For those who are new to their position as Site Members (editors) or Site Owners (administrators), we'll quickly get them up to speed so that they can get to work.Why leave your employees struggling to learn on their own, when we can teach them what they need to know? But that logic applies not only to Site Owners and Site Members, but also to regular end users. They too may need help figuring out how to get the most out of SharePoint. And we'll be happy to guide them on their learning journey.

Does your organization need us to train regular end users or those with higher responsibilities? Or perhaps both? We'll work together to figure out your exact training needs - and come up with a training program that's perfect for your company. Our training SharePoint courses are meant to meet the particular needs of your organization - that's why we will tailor them to your exact requirements.

Training Models


    Get your employees up to speed with all the powerful productivity-boosting features that the SharePoint environment has to offer.

  • On-Demand Courses

    SharePoint training developed for your specific case. Perfect option to help your employees fill any gaps in specific aspects of SharePoint knowledge.

  • Live Online Workshops

    Popular option due to its cost effectiveness and convenience - your employees can log in from anywhere, and we charge a single flat fee for your whole staff.


Businesses all over the world rely on SharePoint workflows as their primary solution to manage essential daily operations.

But beyond the essentials, the platform also brings employees together in ways that ordinary non-digital tools never could - it fosters large-scale, convenient employee collaboration and communication in large companies. But in order for all these solutions to achieve their maximum potential, users have to familiarize themselves with SharePoint's rich and powerful functionality. Armed with 11+ years of experience, we know SharePoint inside and out - and we're excited to share our wealth of knowledge with you and your employees. Sign up for our comprehensive onboarding and training services, and you'll put your company on the fast track to SharePoint proficiency.

Are you or your staff looking for help with basic features or advanced functions? Consovenio's team of Microsoft partners is here for you. We'll take our time to give clear, detailed explanations, answer questions, and share helpful tips. Beyond teaching specific material, the training sessions will also give users more confidence in their own abilities. They'll be proud to have mastered difficult SharePoint skills - and that will encourage them to want to learn even more.