SharePoint Consulting


SharePoint consultations have been a part of our daily lives for over 11 years. We have worked with many different architectures and infrastructures, and we can proudly claim to be intimately familiar with virtually every version of the software. Any problems that you may have with your infrastructure will be no match for the wealth of knowledge and experience of our SharePoint Team - you can be sure that we will quickly identify and resolve them.


It doesn't matter if you are already running a SharePoint infrastructure, or you are just considering it. Consovenio can help you in either case. If you are in the planning stages, we'll offer a consultation to help you envision SharePoint implementation that will suit your business needs. To come up with custom integration solutions, we'll closely work with you to understand your company's culture and operational environment. We'll also give you in-depth information on our proposed implementation. Our consultation will delve into the nitty-gritty technical aspects of the solution, so that you can have a concrete sense of our development process.

But what if your company is already running SharePoint, but you aren't happy with its performance? Or perhaps you'd like to expand your existing implementation. In both cases, Consovenio can offer an expert-level analysis of your current infrastructure. Performing this analysis would allow us to recommend changes and improvements to your current setup. This is definitely worth your time because a better Intranet will have a highly positive impact on your employees' productivity. Think about it - if your daily operations run much more smoothly, employees will waste a lot less time on dealing with software-related issues. And even the most modest tweaks and adjustments to SharePoint intranet will prove to be highly beneficial - these changes will replace slow and cumbersome work methods with quicker, more efficient ones.

Are you in the midst of making major changes to your current Intranet, or perhaps just considering it? If your company requires migration to the cloud, we'll be happy to help. Our professional support has successfully guided numerous organizations through this process - we've managed to complete it in a reasonable time frame and without any complications. If you are planning to migrate your Intranet, take a look at our offer for SharePoint migration.

Consulting Services


Implementation of SharePoint into your company, based on your requirements and business needs.


Evaluation of your current infrastructure - to improve its efficiency and integration within your business.


Making your Intranet faster, more reliable, and always available for your employees at all times.


Support for a painless Intranet update when a new version of SharePoint comes out.


Support with an extra level of care - to help you plan and prepare for a smooth migration journey.


Ensuring that your Intranet system is safe and protected from data leaks and data loss.