Car Approval Form


SharePoint 2013, 2016






Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary


21 MDs


One of our clients is a large organization in the field of automotive manufacturing.

They turned to us for help in digitizing a routine task: assigning vehicles to personnel. As you can well imagine, doing this manually was too cumbersome for a large company. Since a significant number of employees would frequently request cars, higher-ups would be burdened with handling their requests. To make the whole process much more efficient, Consovenio's SharePoint team developed new contract management systems for the client's sizable car fleet ? a system that is fully digital and scalable.


Designing the optimal solution for this scenario required extensive research work.

First, we had to understand the internal guidelines for vehicle assignment. Once we determined these policies, our Microsoft developers built them into the approval process SharePoint workflows. That way, the digital inventory systems for assigning cars followed exactly the same rules as the previous manual system - with the added convenience and time-saving benefits of an automated process. This automated process was very intelligent because the approval workflow took into consideration the roles and responsibilities of both users and administrators. For example - when employees requested cars, the digital system would request permission from the appropriate managers and departments.


We have successfully streamlined and digitized the car fleet management system for our client. Some notable features of our solution include:

Interactive web form that allows any employee to request the use of a company vehicle

Advanced approval workflow, linked with other involved departments within the company (Finance, Facility Management, etc.)

Collaboration between departments and distribution of requests to the correct managers, based on the previously filled-in data

Management of the entire request lifecycle using sharepoint for document management

Visual catalogue of available vehicle types as defined by internal policies


After we've implemented our solution, it was quickly and eagerly adopted by the client's employees. There was one feature that was particularly well-received - the automatic distribution of application forms to all the departments and employees responsible for processing them (car fleet manager, HR department, etc.) Following the initial implementation, we've continued to update the application form to accommodate our customers? requests - many of which had to do with new internal policies. We are always happy to update our software and provide SharePoint support and maintenance to meet the changing needs of our clients.