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Consovenio is often asked to improve existing solutions, and we take this task very seriously.

When a pharmaceutical company's QA department asked us to modernize their Change Management software, we carefully considered how we could improve their current application. After taking stock of its functionality, which consisted in logging change management records by year of operation and ID code, our SharePoint Team decided to create a replacement that was more efficient and user-friendly. For a more in-depth description of our work, continue on to the next paragraph. (Note: the application we were asked to replace has been operating for a period of about 10 years.)


Consovenio wanted to improve the existing solution in two crucial aspects: operational efficiency and user-friendliness.

To achieve enhanced operational efficiency, we designed a new data architecture. (Note: this was specifically requested by the client.) With infrastructure concerns out of the way, we turned to the issue of convenience. It was a priority for our team of Microsoft developers to make sure that employees would find it easy to learn and use the software. To that end, we furnished it with a modern user-friendly UI and UX. After we were done engineering the solution, we worked on providing a seamless, disruption-free transition from the old software to the new one. This involved two steps; first, we took the original databases and successfully had them migrate to azure. The migration was then followed by the deployment of the new solution into the client's SharePoint intranet environment.


The previous system was replaced by a modern web application that handles the process of change management in a large pharmaceutical company. Primarily used as part of the QA department's document management solutions for auditing and other reports, the application is equipped with the following features:

Tracking and storage of data about customers, change managers, and registry changes

Advanced search features, based on the final product name, API, customer, and other criteria

Access to the historical change management records (audit trail)

Transfer of processed data into a previously defined structured form

Data export into Excel, CSV or PDF format, based on user-defined options


Our highly efficient and user-friendly application became a key part of the client company's operations - and because it was so essential, we have made it available for all of its employees. While we're proud of our work, we also keep our eye on the future. We know that software needs to keep pace with the growth and innovation inherent to corporate culture. That's why our team stands ready to make changes to the application should the client request them. If new developments mean that our solution needs to be optimized, we're available to provide professional support- this means resolving glitches, or even expanding the software's feature set to accommodate an updated workflow.