Christmas Cards


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Czech Republic, Slovakia


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The holiday season is a busy time for all companies.

But there is software that can make it less hectic and more pleasant. In fact, a simple tool can make employees feel like they are celebrating this very special time rather than just rushing through it. Our client wanted to add some holiday cheer to their workplace, and asked us to design a solution that would allow employees to create and send customized Christmas cards to their business contacts. (This includes colleagues, customers, and business partners.) To meet this need, Consovenio's SharePoint Team developed an application that offers multiple options for sending holiday greetings - both regular paper cards sent by mail, and fully digital cards sent by email.


Our SharePoint project manager first discussed with the client to come up with a development plan.

This allowed us to figure out exactly what was required to ensure the optimal distribution of the Christmas cards. One of the client's specifications was multi-language support. Giving employees the chance to send a Christmas card in the language of their choice is an important way of making them feel welcomed and valued. The language option isn't the only welcoming part of the software; it also comes with a convenient, easy-to-use interface. With our user-friendly editor, which uses SharePoint for document management, it's a breeze for employees to personalize cards with their own text. And they won't be bored doing it either, as they'll be treated to a new artistic creation every year. That's right - to make every Christmas memorable, we redesign the cards with a new HTML template and new graphics. (Note: the editor feature referred-to above combines the user's text with the previously designed template.)


Our team has developed a Christmas card distribution application that is universal, user-friendly, and has the following helpful features:

Multi-language support

Multi-tenant architecture

Multiple templates available (Company entity logos, language mutations)

Secure application, for employee-use only

Custom greeting card text - the employee can use the default text, or write in his or her own instead

Choice of sending card from either a company or a personal email address

Reliability – the process of sending cards is thoroughly tested on various platforms and email clients, so you can be sure of error-free delivery every time


The organization has been using our application to exchange holiday greetings for over seven years. Very popular among personnel, the software became a cherished part of the company's culture; not content to rest on our laurels, we've continued to improve it, as part of our software development services. In fact, we've been frequently adding features to encourage user engagement. One such feature allows staff to choose the design of next year's card in a poll, directly from their SharePoint intranet.

Why did the application become popular? Because it's all pleasure and no pain. While creating the software requires advanced technical expertise, the users don't sense that at all. Writing your holiday wishes on a beautiful card - featuring a design that changes every year - is simple and pleasant. Thus it should come as no surprise that the digital solution has significantly reduced the use of regular paper cards.