Digitalization of Forms


SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016


Interactive InfoPath form, upgraded to Office 365 with Power Automate


Banking & Finance


Canada, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, the UK, the US


~20 MDs


Digitalization and Office 365 migration is no longer just a trend; it is the modern way to run a company.

Our clients are sold on its benefits; they understand that it makes their business more efficient, and reduces its impact on the environment. That's why we've been asked to design and create document management solutions that replace traditional paperwork with a fully interactive experience. Filling out forms on paper, and stuffing them in mailboxes, or handing them to people is slow and tedious. With our custom designed SharePoint workflows, employees can quickly and easily submit business-related information for processing. Management and executives will also come to enjoy the added convenience of our system's intelligent data processing capabilities - these will facilitate the enforcement of the company's internal policies and legislation-related obligations.


The first step of our team of SharePoint developers is to create interactive versions of the old paper forms using InfoPath.

The input is entered into the new digital versions of the forms, and then saved into SharePoint document libraries. But it's not enough for the system to just store the information - the software also has to allow for it to be shared and acted upon. Thus, our next step involves developing features that share employee form information with managers. One such function sends notifications to all managers responsible for processing information entered into the forms. Immediately granted the appropriate permissions, they can then quickly proceed to working with the submitted forms. Please note that permissions are a key part of our feature set - they are about securing the confidentiality of your company's information. Our enterprise content management system enables businesses to decide who gets to view what data in accordance with their internal policies and legislative requirements. This ensures that none of the form input could be viewed or edited by unauthorized individuals within the SharePoint on premise environment.


Our solution replaces the time-consuming task of mailing information with instant digital delivery - it allows the corporate customer to efficiently collect and process data from all its employees in multiple offices, located all across the world. No matter where your workforce happens to be, they'll always know what to do next. Our system is desined to support SharePoint notifications, that constantly feeds employees with information essential for your business. Thus, they will always be apprised of important changes, and of the actions they need to take in response. As previously mentioned, you choose what gets shared with who. This bears repeating because we realize that you may have concerns about security. But have no worries, we have enabled safeguards to protect your sensitive information. We firmly believe that the benefits of automation should never be outweighed by information leaks. Our complex system of user permissions was conceived with one key purpose in mind - keeping your data away from prying eyes.

Here are some examples of forms that we have successfully digitized (and continue to work on):

Anti-money laundering (AML) - reporting illegitimately obtained funds claimed as legal income.

Conflict of interest (COI) - reporting a conflict between personal interests and professional duties.

Gift Register (GR) - logging all incoming gifts, to prevent COI.

Material Nonpublic information (MNPI) - logging not yet published news that could affect the company's share price.

Suspicious activity reporting (SAR) - reporting suspicious and potentially illegal transactions.

Monitoring Reports, Logs, and Correspondence - recording communication with authorities.

Team Training Evidence (TTE) - keeping track of employee training events.


We have developed a highly efficient digital form processing solution, using SharePoint for document management, and continue working with our clients to maintain and update the system we've implemented and provide professional support. We regularly receive requests for changes to keep the system compliant with the latest legislative developments. Also, since InfoPath is being phased out by Microsoft, we are offering the same services for Office 365, using Power Apps and Power Automate, including migration to Office 365.