Incident Reporting Solution


SharePoint 2013 + 2016


InfoPath, Power Automate


Banking & Finance, Information Technology


Canada, Ireland, Czech Republic, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, the UK


2 Man Months


Incident reporting is a key aspect of risk management.

In the interest of preventing future occurrences, large companies analyze incidents to determine their source and impact. This analysis is conducted using a standardized evaluation process. Aware that the IT expertise of our Microsoft developers could help improve this procedure, a client from the finance and banking industry decided to use our services. The organization needed an incident reporting solution that was not only robust and dependable enterprise content management system, but also sophisticated in its ability to fulfill multiple requirements. First of all, it had to ensure compliance with regulations. Second, it had to be convenient to use for everyone, not just SharePoint Experts. That means a design that promotes understanding - and makes employees confident that the software is a perfect fit for their work tasks. Third, the software's convenience and ease of use had to be location independent. For a global corporation based in multiple countries, document management solutions that are accessible from anywhere in the world significantly streamline communication.


We're proud to have created integration solutions that allows the entire organization to collaborate on processing incidents. This collaboration can proceed at a quicker pace because every relevant individual receives automatic notifications about new incident-related activity – but also because the interface is intuitive and easy to grasp. Despite its complex SharePoint workflows, the system is user-friendly; it's powered by an interactive InfoPath form that serves as a welcoming front end for employees.

Please note that the form was specifically requested by the client, and we've designed it to their specifications. This is an example of how we strive to achieve an end result that matches the client's vision. But it isn't the only one. We've implemented two other feature sets that were in line with the customer's technical and functional requirements. The first feature set is related to information security, and the second to enhanced incident tracking.

Security is a top priority for the banking industry - financial data needs to be protected, so that it is never revealed to unauthorized individuals or third parties. We have equipped our clients with the perfect protection tool - an advanced permission matrix to ensure that sensitive information is accessible only to the employees expressly authorized to handle it. The second feature set – enhanced incident tracking – improves the incident reporting experience by offering employees a much higher level of information. The improvement comes from an expanded solution that exceeds standard functionality; it includes a new workflow with a versioning system, advanced reporting, and an audit trail. These additional incident tracking features were developed as a result of close communication with our client. They testify to our commitment to customize our products to satisfy the unique and particular needs of our customers.


We have delivered an advanced incident reporting and management solution with a rich set of custom features, which include:

Interactive InfoPath form with conditional branching, for creating new incident records.

Extended change tracking and advanced versioning, using sharepoint for document management

Special system for planning, watching, and rating the incident solutions

Reporting extension for the evaluation of incident solutions

Business support for the entire lifecycle of the created incident

Multi-user collaboration

Archiving, data consolidation from existing systems into a unified data warehouse and its migration to the cloud


Our SharePoint team successfully implemented a digital incident reporting solution that completely replaced its paperwork-based predecessor. To make sure the client is completely satisfied with our work, we have continued to stay in touch and offer our professional support. We are open to making additional changes or developing new features, should the client request it.