Investment Approval Solution


Standalone application in .NET




Czech Republic


3 MMs


Companies often think about their growth and development.

This means that they reflect on how to best use their money to create a foundation for future success. Our client's company asked us to assist them in this very important process of reflection. More specifically, we were given the task of creating new document management solutions to streamline their investment approval process. Investments were then being approved via paper forms that involved the collaboration of multiple departments including finance and strategic planning. (The lifecycle of these forms could take years to complete.) Our challenge was to reproduce this complex process using SharePoint workflows.


After initially analyzing the client's existing investment approval process, we came up with an improved replacement.

Our Microsoft developers brought to life a fully electronic solution using a dynamic and interactive approval form. This approval form was only the start of our work; we later developed an additional application that made our client's operations more effective. The application handled all the data workflows in the background, including cloud support, versioning and project phasing.


The Consovenio SharePoint Team has delivered a solution to submit, monitor and approve investment forms in accordance with the Gx AIF procedure. It comes with the following notable features:

Modern application, allowing for collaboration on approvals from any of the organization's multiple locations, using SharePoint for document management

Inclusion of business case information and presentations in approvals

Processing of reporting templates, based on the data collected in the application

Automatic report generation, based on the predefined templates

Phasing and budgeting

Permission management module

Notification generation


After successfully deploying the application, our team has continued to collaborate with our client to offer long-term SharePoint support services and software modifications. A recent modification involved enhancing our solution's remote operation potential; this allowed managers (i.e. approvers) to use all the features of the investment approval system while away from the office - via a dedicated mobile app. Whether traveling or on vacation, they could simply take care of business on their smartphone.