Product Data Management System


Standalone .NET application






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The process of managing product-related information is a vital task for a company, but it won't run smoothly without effective document management solutions.

And that's exactly what we've managed to create for our client, whose initial request was limited to a new SharePoint design. When we realized their legacy product data management system was suboptimal, we proposed to replace it with something significantly better. Our goal was to design a software that would carry out a whole set of functions critical for our customer's Regulatory Affairs department. The application had to manage incoming data from various sources including customers, suppliers, and regulatory offices. It also had to maintain correct, up-to-date information about the company's pharmaceutical products that was verified for accuracy.


Since we strive to create a solution that is custom-tailored to our customer's needs, our SharePoint Team began by analyzing their existing work processes and software.

Our findings led us to engineer a new system with the following features: a new and improved data model and a web application with a modernized UI and UX. We also wanted to provide a smooth transition experience - this way, personnel could continue their work without disruption. For that purpose, we took all of the data from the previous database and made it migrate to Azure. As a result, everything the employees needed to complete their tasks was available for their use from day one. (Note: this hassle-free migration was especially important, considering the client had a lot of built-in functionality in their previous setup, which they had been using for over 10 years.)


Developed for the use of a leading European pharmaceutical company, the application includes the following helpful features:

Implemented across multiple department systems (Regulatory Affairs, QA, QP, Logistics, PnP)

Available for the entire organization, based on user access management

Keeps all relevant data for the pharmaceuticals manufacturing portfolio

Advanced search based on multiple parameters

Data export

Modern UI


Our team of Microsoft developers has helped the Regulatory Affairs department modernize their product data management system, thus achieving several key benefits. First, Consovenio's solution helped the organization become more efficient in its operations by streamlining its complicated SharePoint workflows. Second, the new, improved system assisted the pharmaceutical company in manufacturing and releasing their medication in compliance with various legal requirements. (These legal requirements include legislation and registration.)

It is important to note that our work didn't end with this major overhaul of the product data management system. We continue to stay in close touch with the customer to provide professional support, but not only; as no company stays the same, our long term relationship with our clients means that we often adapt our software. As the client's internal processes change, we accommodate them by adding new features or changing existing ones.