Sales Force Allocation Analytics Tool


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Ideally, a sales force should be focused on selling and not on keeping data.

But keeping track of sales information and exchanging it between different teams is an important task that cannot be neglected. Our client company wanted to avoid burdening its sales staff with the repetitive work of manually managing data, and turned to us to automate it. But our goal didn't simply consist in building an interactive web application to digitize and automate data collection from individual sales teams and inventory systems. We also needed to export this data so that it could be analyzed by advanced reporting tools - this extra step would guide managers in their decision-making process by giving them an overview of sales trends, and assisting them in sales activity planning.


Consovenio's Microsoft developers began our work by carefully examining the client's existing data collection system.

This evaluation permitted us to precisely delineate the input processing workflow and reproduce it in our new, advanced database structure. While the database document management solutions that automated the data collection processes were complex, the application that employees worked with was simple to use and easy to understand - its user-friendliness comes from its clear, convenient, and confusion-free UI. In addition to its convenience, our application also had the benefit of interoperability with the customer's other software. This is because our team incorporated a feature that facilitated advanced analysis by allowing the client to export sales data to external business reporting tools.


We have fulfilled our client's request for a solution to handle the collection of sales force data by delivering a modern web application with the following features:

Data collection across multiple locations and countries

Transformation of the collected data into a pre-defined structure (CSV, Excel)

Automatic data pushing into other systems for further processing

Simultaneous access and collaboration across all locations/countries where the client's company operates thanks to integrated cloud support

Integration with other databases and sources - to render a complex final data structure

3 main application modules: Settings for report input options (Countries, Specializations, Teams); Data collection - worldwide access that includes offices in all of the client's locations/countries; Processing and data transformation + Export

Salespeople and call center efficiency rating, according to the current sales force plan


We successfully deployed our solution into the client's Intranet environment, but that wasn't the end of the story. In fact, our collaboration continued as we stayed in touch to offer long-term L3 support and expanded the application's feature set at the customer's request. We also updated the solution so that it would remain compliant with the customer's new or modified internal policies.