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Companies who use SharePoint don't want their software to feel like a generic, standard production.

While some customers are fine with the default SharePoint design, others prefer to infuse the interface with their own custom elements that reflects the company's culture. Consovenio has helped numerous organizations achieve this objective. Thus, we replaced SharePoint's default layout and UI with the customer's own design, or even created a design from scratch for customers who didn't already have one. (Yes, a SharePoint intranet implementation can combine high functionality with an impressive appearance. We promise.)


Our overarching goal is to help our clients use visual elements to express their company's unique culture and personality.

How do we accomplish it? By drawing on the organization's brand manual, values, and vision to design the UI and the UX. Our Microsoft developers use different approaches to implement our new design depending on the customer's SharePoint architecture. If the company uses SharePoint on premise, we modify the master page. As for SharePoint online, we rely on newer methods - this means applying the design changes using the SP framework.


We can redesign your SharePoint Intranet to your exact specifications. There are three main options for how the design can be defined and implemented:

Choosing a layout from one of the default SharePoint intranet examples, provided by Microsoft itself

Choosing one of the default layouts and modifying it with custom CSS, images or layout elements - a choice that allows us to add specific corporate colours, logos, etc.

Modifying the design of the SharePoint master page - this gives us virtually unlimited options

If you opt to leave SharePoint on-premises and migrate to SharePoint Online, we'll adapt the classic design to the modern environment.


We have provided SharePoint site branding services to many of our clients. Each time, our SharePoint architects used a custom approach that was driven by the customer's preferences. For example, when the client desired a high level of customization, we obliged by imbuing the SharePoint Intranet with the same design as the company's website. In a different scenario, when a client wished a lower level of customization, we've worked with them to keep much of the standard SharePoint appearance, while still incorporating some of the company's own visuals - such as colour themes, logos, and custom graphic elements.