SharePoint Content Management


SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019


Automotive, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceutical, Rail Transportation


Canada, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, the UK


5 – 10 MDs per month


SharePoint is a popular platform for building the Intranet for companies.

Unlike the Internet, the Intranet is an internal set of websites - it contains information and files that a company relies on for its workplace operations. To keep its business functioning smoothly, an organization has to make sure that all this content remains up-to-date and accessible. These considerations lead to one compelling conclusion: an enterprise content management system is no trivial matter, but a serious responsibility. Many of our corporate customers have entrusted it to the care of our SharePoint experts, and we aim to meet and exceed their expectations by providing a comprehensive, customized solution. Our solution is comprehensive because it covers two critical aspects - content management and creation, and end-user support for individual departments. But it is also customized, because we have a special process to integrate it into your company's IT framework.


So what is this special customization process? Our work starts with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the client's existing SharePoint Intranet setup.

The evaluation of the existing situation allows us to tailor our services to the client's needs. In our goal to assist end users, we first survey the existing content. That means we take stock of the structure and locations of the individual departments, sites, applications, and file libraries. Once that is done, we are ready to provide professional support and content management to the company and its employees.


We provide an ongoing content support service to our client companies with daily activities, such as:

Offering active content creation and editing support for users and Intranet managers

Processing infographics and other visual elements used in the Intranet environment

Prominently and consistently featuring the company brand identity throughout the Intranet environment

Developing mini applications using SharePoint for document management, such as shared calendars, surveys, image galleries, etc.

End-user training and SharePoint training online


Our corporate customers have relied on our services for many years to keep their Intranet content up-to-date and available - even under the most challenging circumstances, such as Office 365 migration. They trust the expertise of our SharePoint team and commitment to quality content support; we have thus earned their long-term contracts, and developed solid durable partnerships.