Universal Document Sharing Tool


Standalone .NET application


Banking & Finance, Information Technology


Czech Republic, Canada, Ireland, Slovakia, Hungary, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Bermuda, Singapore, the UK


2 MMs


There is no shortage of cloud storage and file sharing solutions that companies can use these days.

Unfortunately, this wealth of choice can lead to some unanticipated problems. This means businesses sometimes have to deal with the hassle of trying to share files between different services. Our client enlisted the help of our Microsoft developers to design a solution that would eliminate this frustration. Consovenio thus developed unique document management solutions that would allow employees to share files across multiple storage platforms and tenants or clients.


The key to building our solution was conducting a preliminary analysis of the programming interfaces of the most popular cloud storage services; this analysis allowed us to design universal integration solutions that would interconnect them.

As a result, our client's employees would no longer have to manually transfer files from one storage service to another, but could now use our software to do it automatically using its universal cloud support.


Our tool has been integrated into the SharePoint workflows of several companies. Here are the notable features of our solution:

Universal tool for document sharing across multiple online storage services

Strict observance of stringently defined privacy and security rules

Support for advanced permission management

Audit trail

User-friendly UI

Support for the following services: OneDrive / OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box.com, Dropbox, FTP / SFTP


Many of our clients continue to rely on our solution to eliminate the hassle of manually transferring files between multiple cloud storage and file sharing services. The best part about our tool is that we have worked on making sure that its effectiveness doesn't diminish with time. This is because we have updated it to make it compatible with additional online storage services that our customers may want to use.