We offer infrastructure support and administrator/end user support.

Infrastructure Support and maintenance gives you confidence that your systems will keep running efficiently. Depending on the scale of the system, we will carry out a monthly or quarterly Health Check to make sure that the servers are running well, as well as scheduling a time to install updates. We will give you second line support to help you get things up and running quickly if things go wrong.

Administrator/End User Support enables you to directly communicate with our consultants who can assist you with development of your SharePoint system and getting the most out of Office 365. Many of our clients choose time-based subscription - they pre-purchase a set amount of hours of support to use over time.

All of our support is managed through a cloud based Support Ticketing System, with regular reports being sent to our clients detailing how much time has been used. Larger pieces of work will always be quoted for in advance.

Our support packages offer the following benefits:

  • Health Check of your Office 365 or SharePoint environment.
  • Usage report, detailing uptake of services.
  • Security report.
  • Notification of upcoming updates.
  • Quarterly governance audit, ensuring that the system is being used as intended.
  • User and license management.
  • Help desk end-user support.
  • Full Intranet Management service.
  • SharePoint Farm Setup.
  • Server Health Monitoring.
  • Patch installation.
  • SharePoint Services configuration (Search, Managed Metadata, Excel Services etc).
  • Issue Resolution.
  • Server Performance Tuning.
  • Backup and Recovery.
  • Optimizing Content Storage and Access.
  • Security configuration.
  • Incident Management – 24x7 Level 1/2/3 and support ensuring that client issues are resolved appropriately in a timely manner.
  • Log Monitoring – Review and address issues in SharePoint and Windows logs before they become critical and impact application and solution behavior.
  • Patch Management – Certification and deployment of patches.
  • Backup management – Ensuring that critical data is maintained.
  • Configuration services – Across the entire SharePoint environment.
  • Security Management – Add/update/delete users, groups and permissions.

What benefit do you get?

Providing SharePoint maintenance or support services, we want our clients to focus on achieving their business goals instead of worrying about their SharePoint solutions. To enable that, Consovenio offers:

  • 24x7 availability of services
  • Timely fixing of SharePoint issues (8 business hours for critical issues)
  • A complete SharePoint team of SharePoint experts, including SharePoint administrators, developers, architects and consultants to help you address even the trickiest issues
  • Flexible pricing aligned with your budgeting strategy
  • Security and confidentiality of SharePoint support and maintenance projects