SharePoint On-Demand Courses


Consovenio's team of SharePoint experts has been providing Microsoft support services to clients of all sizes, and across a wide variety of business fields. Our many years of experience have given us valuable insights into our customers' needs - in fact, we've noticed frequently recurring trends in their requests and job specifications.

This led us to a novel approach to our On-Demand courses. Instead of focusing on a general field of topics, we structure these courses around your employees' knowledge gaps. This kind of training produces a much more satisfying learning outcome for SharePoint users. It allows them to gain only the knowledge that they are missing, and doesn't waste their time by teaching them what they already know. This approach has another strong advantage; catering to your staff's knowledge gaps makes the course feel like practical training - and not like pointless and dry theory that has little or nothing to do with the employee's work environment.



Building Modern Collaboration & Intranet Environments

SharePoint Content Management

SharePoint User Management & Permissions

Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Automate


Document Management - Working with Modern Document Libraries & Lists

Data Sharing - OneDrive for Business, Teams, and external sharing